The Hosting Guide


What: Hosting123 (A unit of G2One Network) is one of guide series in which our aims to help people on how to host a website. Hosting123 helps people learn about how to host a website with an ease.

Who: Whether you’re just starting out, or seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. Our aim is to make learning easy, comfortable, and fun.

Why: If in one word we answer this, then it will be LOVE. Yes we love what we do. We understand the importance of helping other learn.

Where: By simply sitting in your home or workplace while all you require is a computer (or laptop) with internet on it.


How: Through the simple words we use to explain things and not on opting for long boring articles. All we aim for are to have small guides, meaningful guides.

Are you ready to start into the exciting world of web hosting? If yes, then visit the Guide’s page while if you need just some quick help (or say resources), then visit our resource page or if anything else, then simply buzz up.


Web Hosting 101: How To Host A Website



The Hosting Guide – Looking to host your website? Our popular how-to guide will teach you to confidently on how to host your website. Start learning now



Free Blog Set-Up – Not sure on whether you will be able setup your blog with full confidence. Well not to worry, we are here for you. Explore today



Resources – A comprehensive list of resources you’ll need to host your website. Explore the toolkit



Glossary – Understanding the basics. Learn today